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Floor Tiles Malta

Floor tiles are not merely a source of beauty and quality, however, they are also a great motive for investing in your home, and increasing its value long into the future. As today’s housing market continues to surge, homeowners in Malta are seeing the benefits of maintaining and upgrading their homes as an invaluable investment for the family.

Tiles signify beauty, lasting quality and care. All of these signify a home that is well taken care of, and one that its owners take pride in. Beautiful floor tiles in Malta not only add to the beauty of a room, but also offer many advantages over other flooring surfaces such as tiles.

How can tiles increase the value of the home? Tiles are above all versatile and attractive. With the abundance of tiles available in Malta, today you can create an infinite variety of styles for each room in the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen to even outdoor areas such as pools and terraces. From sophisticated to rustic, tiles can easily become the focal point of a room, and beyond appearances these tiles are hardwearing against chemicals, erosion and scratching, and are notoriously easy to keep in top condition. Flooring in Malta can be cumbersome to keep clean and up to standard, particularly in areas of heavy foot traffic, and so tiles are always the number one choice.

Tiles can be functional as well as decorative. Tiles can be used as splash backs behind cookers and behind shower enclosures and to protect shower rooms, yet delicately cut and painted tiles can also create some wonderful focal areas, using different coloured tiles to create patterns, borders and perhaps frames around mirrors or furniture.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are no doubt the primary choice for most indoor and outdoor surfaces in Malta, yet there is a variety of alternatives available. Marble tiles provide a timeless and elegant finish whilst always providing a unique interpretation of style thanks to the versatility and natural qualities of the tiles. Particularly characteristic n older houses, villas and historical buildings, the presence of marble tiles never wavers.

Mosaic tiles are second to none in their aesthetic appeal, and are generally very small; made out of glass, ceramic or porcelain. Mosaic tiles are popular in Malta for their versatility; you can create beautiful and elaborate patterns for back splashes, entryways and borders, and can even be used to decorate other household accessories such as pottery. The small size of mosaic tiles ensures that they are an excellent product for comprising intricate and colourful designs, whose overall effects are very bold and striking. The colour palette available is almost unlimited.