Satariano Parquet


Parquet wood flooring is a stylish and easy to install, low maintenance product that instantly transforms the quality of a room. This durable product is common throughout homes and commercial buildings in Malta, no doubt thanks to its versatile qualities and the fact that it is effortlessly simple to lay. Parquet installs like a tile and no hammering or nailing is required. With minimal effort and manageable tile-sized pieces, installing parquet is quick, easy and will not require heavy handling if you need to adjust the shape or size of certain tiles.

Parquet is attractive in appearance thanks to the versatile and flowing wood grains as well as gentle sanding. Satariano has entrusted Haro for the supply of parquet in Malta, and this German brand has been in business for 140 years. High-quality wood is taken from sustainably managed forests and is refined with modern manufacturing processes and innovative technologies to create flooring that upgrades every room and turns your house into a home.

Just as nature allows trees time to re-grow, Haro gives its natural planks time to develop authentic surface finishes. The oil is allowed to dry naturally in the air, thoroughly absorbing into the wood pores. Deep inside the oil is allowed to cure and form a permanent symbiosis. This careful treatment produced parquet floor that is warm, natural and beautifully surface. 

Haro’s natural oil finished parquet line perfectly meets the natural trends in today’s homes, and a vibrant, knotted wood provide an authentic and unique texture. From classical to contemporary architecture parquet floors are the ideal ambience, particularly for the more traditional homes such as houses of character in Malta.

NaturaLin is based on natural raw materials such as linseed oil, and is 100% solvent-free. Every tree has its own unique characteristics, and so choosing the right one for your floor could be a tough decision, thanks to the sheer abundance of wood types, shades, finishes and wood grades available.

Whether your home favours a natural, distressed or oil-waxed wood or a light and simple surface, parquet works beautiful with those traditional Mediterranean tones and patterns found in Malta. See, feel and smell wood…even in your bathroom.

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