"Sun-built” kitchens at Satariano

For years now Satariano have been the local distributor of SCIC Cucine, the Italian brand considered one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen furniture in Europe.

SCIC Cucine not only continue to this day to manufacture high quality kitchen furniture designed to meet everyone’s tastes and budgets, but have now also ensured that they do so in complete respect of the environment. The Italian brand in fact has become the first in the industry to manufacture its products using the sun as the only source of power.

The SCIC kitchen concepts of today are the result of 35 years of continuous innovation and adherence to the highest levels of quality, a philosophy nurtured not only with respect to materials and designs, but indeed as an overall characteristic of the Italian brand. The transition to “solar-manufactured” kitchens is testament to this. Committed to ensure its clients’ quality of life, SCIC has endeavoured to install an innovative array of photovoltaic panels measuring 70,000 square meters that allow it to meet the demands of its clients while safeguarding the planet for future generations. This system allows it to generate a power of 4200 KWp and a productivity of 4,600,000 KWh per year, reducing its carbon dioxide emission by 2,450,000 on a yearly basis.

All SCIC kitchens have always been manufactured in full compliance with the health and safety at work regulations, paying special attention to environmental laws, using wood harvested in areas subject to reforestation and adopting a production system that yields entirely recyclable kitchens. SCIC also employs a staff of qualified and well-trained engineers and operators who are dedicated to the creation of dream kitchens, with over 30 models and thousands of variations to choose from – truly a kitchen for every taste.

The Satariano Group in Malta seeks to constantly introduce products to the local market that are manufactured not only to the highest standards but also with an eye to the future and with total respect towards the environment, like the new ecological SCIC kitchens. The Satariano brand has always stood for the aspirations of modern Malta and the enjoyment of the highest possible quality of life and its clients know that at Satariano they are offered only the best, most complete and satisfying products and services possible, guaranteed by one of Malta’s most trusted and most distinguishable brand names.