Satariano The Furniture Identity

The Furniture Identity

When the deal for your dream home has been finalised, whether it be a traditional townhouse, apartment or ultra-modern penthouse, the next step in the process of creating a home is the furniture. Furniture in Malta plays a crucial role in the style of our homes, and is a deep reflection on individual personalities and cultural values that are ingrained within family domestic life.

Whether opting for something entirely modern and eclectic, or preferring to stick to the classics, every room in the house can enjoy a stylish, designer environment whilst functioning as a room should, a room should be light, spacious and above all, comfortable.

From living room to bathroom, entrance hall to study, the furniture market in Malta is saturated with products to suit the requirements of any household and a great range of budgets from the modest to the bold. Furniture is personal, yet many ideals are widely used across the board, from favouring antique designs and rustic pieces, as well as the gleaming white and glass modern kitchen.

The market provides a stunning range of designs and brands for all those who wish to invest in true quality and style. Furniture is there to declare: this is my home, this is me! Yet furniture pieces in Malta most also remain true to their function. Living room furniture in particular must be durable and hardwearing, and easy to keep clean and fresh in the sultry Mediterranean climate.

In a modern environment, it is up to the modern furniture showroom to provide all of the information that new home owners are looking for. To be able to see a fully built-up living room or kitchen set enhances all of its potential. A room can be seen the way it will function and its layout. Showroom collections are the ideal way of envisioning a whole room design project that cannot be properly determined from catalogues and fabric samples. 

Furniture experts can present these new home owners with all of the knowledge needed for creating an entire home experience that is impeccably finished, designed to the highest standards of quality, that works for its specific needs and above all that works in harmony with the interior and exterior of the house. There also needs to be harmony between the rooms and with the natural and artificial lighting of each particular room.

Furniture in Malta is the true epitome of traditional values and modern lifestyle. No matter the locality or property, there are bespoke furniture pieces to suit all tastes. In a fresh and modern environment clients can choose from a frequently updated and enhanced display of carpets and designer rugs, lamps and lighting, wall coverings, sofas and complete living room sets, bedroom sets and occasional furniture including decorative items such as bookcases, tableware, paintings and wall art and water features.A sumptuous range of both natural and manmade materials ensure that every piece of home furniture is unique. Beautiful silk fabrics, embroidery, glass and mosaics, natural worn stone and marble transform a piece of furniture such as a sofa into a true work of art that works in harmony with the interior of a domestic home, hotel, office or commercial area.

The Satariano brand is synonymous with the highest quality bathroom furniture and ceramics in Malta, yet this esteemed and client-oriented company is also highly driven towards providing the best quality home furniture solutions to Maltese homes.

The recent state-of-the-art Satariano Home showroom is a testament to the company’s vision: to excel in providing the finest quality product at affordable prices, offering an exquisite sample of furniture from the world’s most renowned brands including Arte, Sangiacomo, Desiree, Sice and Ebru.