Satariano Modern Bedrooms in Malta

Modern Bedrooms in Malta

You do not always need to invest in the services of an interior designer to create that perfect bedroom feeling. In Malta, the bedroom is an important focal point for its occupants, and bedrooms today are often lavishly decorated, expressing the personalities and styles of the individual homeowners.

Designing or decorating a new bedroom can often seem like hard work, yet there is a whole range of bedroom products on offer in Malta from some of the world’s finest brands. These luxurious and elegant brands not only provide the finest quality and value, but also an unbridled collection of colours, styles and innovations.

Transforming bedrooms from mundane spaces into relaxing retreats is easier today than it has ever been. You can walk into any bedroom showroom in Malta and choose from the finest combinations of materials and accessories. Satariano Home in Pieta is one such example, and is easily one of Malta’ most reputable furniture houses.

Satariano Home was founded in 2010 as part of Roger Satariano and Son, with the intention of offering a wider scope of brands and products to their range, specifically in the furniture market. Where Roger Satariano excels in the supply of tiles and the finest quality sanitary ware, Satariano Home leads the niche in providing a whole range of products for all rooms of the home. The showroom offers an extensive range of bedroom products, from beds to chests of drawers, built-in and walk-in wardrobes, side tables and units, as well as countless accessories that are designed to liven up even the most eccentric of bedrooms in Malta.

Satariano Home provides a guarantee of quality for all of its bedroom products in Malta. Satariano Home relies upon only the finest international brands, including Italian furniture specialists Novamobili and San Giacomo. Sangiacomo’s rich modular bedroom furniture pieces are characterised by their formality, coherence and clean-cut design; the result of careful aesthetic planning and resources. These stunning modern bedroom pieces provide serenity and harmony, without an over-indulgence of shapes, lines and colours. Sangiacomo is an infusion of peace, comfort and quality.

Both of these brands are leading names in bedrooms both in Italy, Malta and across the world, and their emphasis is always in quality, constantly keeping up with the latest innovations and modern styles to provide the finest furniture solutions in a sustainable manner.

Visiting the Satariano Home showroom in Malta, one cannot help but see their bedroom transform before their eyes. Thanks to a spectacular showcase of bedrooms and excellent customer service, you can envision your ideal bedroom right there in the showroom. You can browse through Malta’s finest selection of modern bedrooms that exude comfort, luxury and elegance. All of our bedrooms are characterised by clean, stylish design, soft edges and light hues, all destined to provide you with the ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating bedroom experience.