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Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles were developed more than 4,000 years ago and were used widely by the Ancient Romans for decorating their homes and their artefacts. Today, mosaic tiles take on a more traditional role, decorating our homes, enhancing existing interiors and providing small touches of elegance and glamour.

Mosaic tiles are widely used on walls in kitchens and bathrooms to create a pattern or a focal area, typically around larger tiles to create frames, borders and shapes or as aesthetically pleasing splash backs. Mosaic tiles in Malta can also be used on furniture and mirrors to add an added element of design to a plainer object.

Glass and metal are popular materials used in mosaic tiles and are highly versatile in bathrooms, where they are excellent at reflecting light to enhance the spatial elements of a room. Around the bath, behind sinks and around mirrors, mosaic tiles can create real focal points and create a glamorous interior with minimal tiles.
In Malta, mosaic tiles are favoured for the decorating of pool bodies and steps, as well as bench seats, spillways and infinity edges. Mosaic tiles are ideal for lining pools as they create a seamless glass surface that can hide the joining of the walls and floor and produce some stunning decorative effects. Mosaic tiles are available in a vast shade of colours and patterns, so elaborate designs can be created to suit your own unique style.

Mosaic tiles are fun additions to any home, comprising an abundance of different colours, shades, textures and finishes to create new interiors and exteriors. Interspersing your home with mosaic tiles and traditional tiles will transform a wall or floor from the monotone into an attractive and colourful feature. Mosaic tiles have the potential to enhance themselves from mere functional tiles into true decorative works of art.

Bisazza represents mosaic tiles in Malta for Satariano, and this is one of the luxury brands and one of the industry’s leading producers of mosaic tiles for exterior and interior home decoration.

This Italian brand focuses on producing the highest quality product whilst pushing the limits of what mosaic tiles can offer to the home. From daring and trendy to shimmering colours, Bisazza’s range of mosaic tiles collections ensure that there is a tile for every room, every mirror, to catch every ray of light.

L’Antic Colonial, part of the Porcelanosa Group, has brought a design feature evocative of past civilisations into the present using constant feedback from clients to identify and meet current needs. Its mosaics are made of fine materials including wood, stone, metal, glass and ceramics, using eco-friendly processes to ensure a natural product for use in living spaces.

Mosaic tiles have great potential, and at Satariano we recommend consulting with our experts to explore the wealth of possibilities that mosaic tiles can offer. We are practised and enthusiastic about producing a finished product that looks great and functions as it should, allowing you to gain the most from your mosaic tiles.

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