Satariano Home 9 Anniversary

We’re Celebrating our 9th anniversary with an Open Week from 8th – 14th October. We’ve got fantastic prices plus additional discounts on orders placed during this week.

MON – FRI 9.00am-7.00pm

SAT – SUN 9.00am-5:00pm

Satariano Homes Open Week

Everyday living!

We’ve got everything from cosy well planned and relaxing bedrooms, to modern contemporary and innovative living spaces, sofa brands renowned for quality, durability and ultimate comfort.

A carpet for every style!

A Large variety of carpets from bold and patterned to the simpler more neutral tones. Our carpets can be tailored for every specific space.

Satariano Homes Furniture

Furniture pieces with their own personality!

Unique and daring furniture for those looking for statement pieces. A reinterpretation of the most classical shapes and styles which are then recreated to singular distinctive pieces.

Each piece is handmade and can be made to measure in your preferred size and colour

Wallpaper that can transform any space into a masterpiece!

Selection of Wallpapers and wall coverings that can completely reshape, update or revitalise a room. Available in an unlimited combination of palettes, textures and materials.