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Now’s the time to get your Maltezos Solar Water Heater & Benefit from NEW Government Grant!

Satariano has been agents for Maltezos Solar Water Heaters for over 40 years with more than 5,000 satisfied customers.

“not only have all customers reported great satisfaction at the way their electricity bills have been reduced, but we are also proud that all units have been installed with minimum difficulty and most of them are still operational to date.”

Now’s the Time to get your Maltezos Solar Water Heater Government Grant up to €1,400 on your Solar Water heater & a supplement of €500 that will cover the maintenance of the water heaters for a period of 10 years.

Maltezos S.A. is today one of the most renowned companies in the world of solar water heating. It is certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2000 and all Maltezos products carry the CE mark. Maltezos solar water heaters are manufactured from high quality grade 316 stainless steel inner tank with specially designed selective solar panels manufactured from copper enclosed in a tempered solar glass.

Besides the obvious reduction in bills, a Maltezos Solar Water Heater carries a 10 year guarantee and has a life expectancy exceeding 25 years with practically no maintenance. It is able to run for 9 months of the year entirely on solar energy.

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Satariano Broil King grill

Broil King

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Your new favourite restaurant is waiting… Just open your patio doors & Broil King BBQs will do the rest!

Satariano Broil King grill

Every Broil King® gas grill is built to provide unparalleled cooking versatility. No matter what model you choose, the legendary broil king® cooking system gives you the ability to cook almost anything on your grill in any style you desire. You can sear steaks to perfection, rotisserie cook poultry or roasts, and even bake. Every part of the cooking system is designed and engineered for a specific purpose. When combined, the results are simply spectacular. There’s no mistaking the great flavour you get with Broil King®.

These are several methods to get the most out of a Broil King BBQ. The method used is determined by the cut of the meat or the type of the food.

Satariano Broil King recipes grill

DIRECT GRILLING – it’s simple and involves cooking the food on the grids directly over the flame. We recommend direct grilling for most single-serving items such as steaks, chops, fish, burgers, kebabs or any other quick cooking food.

INDIRECT GRILLING – is a technique for larger cuts of meats such as roasts or poultry as name implies this is not grilled directly over the heat but by hot air circulating around the food.

ROTISSERIE – the constant turning of the meat while cooking allows it to self-baste, resulting in exceptionally moist and tender meals. Ideal for larger cuts of meat.

PLANKING/SMOKING – another unique and delicious way to grill food is by using a wooden plank. This is a sure fire way to get delicious results. The smoke created from the plank sitting directly above the lit burner infuses the meat with unsurpassed grilled flavour.

Satariano Broil King grill recipes

From tongs & turners to accessories like grilling woks, rib roaster, rib rack and roast support skewer rack, pizza stone grill set and so much more, and too add that extra kick you’ve got to try our marinades, sauces and rubs!

Create mouth-watering restaurant style dishes in your own outdoor space!

Take a moment and think of your favourite restaurant…. The ultimate steakhouse, the famous Italian eatery, the great Thai restaurant or exquisite fine dining.

Satariano Broil King dinner

Now let’s change the setting. Your back garden, with friends and family, great food prepared on your Broil King barbecue and a beautiful summer evening. Can it get any better than your favourite restaurant?

Here’s a few of your favourite restaurant dishes!

Grilled New York strip steak with blue cheese compound butter

Grilled seafood pot with arrabbiata sauce

Orange ginger baby rack of pork

Baked scallops & mushrooms in garlic sauce