Le Acque di Cielo: A New Colour Story
Cermica Cielo presents new palette of glossy colours inspired by nature!Today Ceramica Cielo continues, together with the Artistic Direction of Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano, its path of experimentation aimed at understanding the essence and origin of colour, investigating its relationship with nature, and – after the matt nuances of the Terre di Cielo range proposes the Acque di Cielo. A palette of glossy colours with intense shades that draws on the many nuances of the fascinating natural universe from which Cielo was inspired to create a collection that captures the eye and the mind.Acque di Cielo, like every other project of the Company, is the ideal solution to guarantee the bathroom a distinctive identity, a creativity and design ‘without limits’. Available in six variants: Oltremare, Smeraldo, Alga, Corallo, Ninfea and Anemone.


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