FLEXFORM products are recognized as timeless classics in the world of high-end furnishings: Made in Italy, Timeless Elegance, Comfort, Quality, Coherent Design, Contemporary Character, Beauty, Durability. This is the strategic map that has brought Flexform to its position, recognized all over the world, as one of the historic brands of Made in Italy of the highest quality in the field of furnishings.

The story of Flexform revolves around a family-run company. It is a quintessentially Italian story that has been giving an account of sofas, armchairs, chaises longues and beds since 1959. It tells of great comfort, understated elegance and exceptional workmanship. It is the story of a product that is made in Italy and travels to homes all over the world, bringing with it the typically Italian low-key, reassuring beauty that is built on proportion, style and quality.

Most importantly, it is the story of a promise fulfilled. The promise is to give everyone who chooses Flexform a unique feeling: Home at last. Home is the safe haven that welcomes us at the end of every day. Home is the dream of a whole lifetime.
Let the journey starts. Because no matter where we are, Flexform will make us feel at home.

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