CarbonZero – Surfaces by Florim

Climate Positive surfaces reduce CO2 in the atmosphere

Florim is a B Corp and its choices are always oriented towards creating more value for people and the environment. The company continues to invest to reduce emissions generated by its business. Until technological innovation allows them to be eliminated, Florim has decided to voluntarily offset the CO2 emissions of all new collections, and even more.

This is the commitment that led to the creation of “CarbonZero-”: the project of Climate Positive surfaces that generate a positive impact on the environment by reducing 110% of CO2 emissions through the purchase of certified carbon credits deriving from renewable energy projects in developing countries.

“CarbonZero-” is a further effort to combat the excessive exploitation of natural resources. A piece of a reasoned production strategy, historically founded on three inseparable drivers: beauty, innovation and sustainability. Florim has calculated the environmental impact of its products throughout the entire life cycle and to contain emissions it has reduced the use of natural resources and invested to make the production process up to 100% sustainable in terms of water, electricity and waste recovery.

From 2023 all the new Florim collections will be part of the CarbonZero- project and will combine beauty and design with the positive impact of CO2 savings

CarbonZero-, the Florim range of Climate Positive surfaces that go beyond zero impact because they offset more CO2 than that emitted during the surfaces life cycle.

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