Italy is renowned as the country with the greatest concentration of artworks in the world. An air of culture and beauty can be breathed at every turn, in every square you walk in, over the horizon of each landscape, in the brush strokes of a painting, or even within the colours and tastes of a delicious dish.
SCIC fell deeply rooted into the heart of Italy, a country whose art, traditions and culture have always influenced the taste of things that are made there. For this reason, SCIC felt like looking right around to draw our inspiration, rediscovering the archetypes of a classic, ever-present taste to propose a collection of kitchens with and elegant, unmistakable style. Glamour collection includes the following models: Bellagio, Diamond, Sirmione, Palatina & Gonzaga kitchens.


SCIC has been building Kitchens since 1948. Their business mission can be summed up in a concept: innovation, in order to interpret and successfully meet the market needs. Innovation, for Scic, can be translated into three aspects: design, technology, and quality.
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