The Satariano brand stands for the aspirations of modern Malta and the enjoyment of the highest possible quality of life. Satariano stands for luxury and top quality coupled with the most suitable financial solutions. As a Group we constantly seek to establish new partnerships with the other market leaders not only to introduce new products to the local market but also to offer clients the best, most complete and satisfying services possible.

Satariano is a client-oriented company and in all our efforts the focus is on delivering the highest quality products and services so our clients can benefit. With a commitment to excellence and paying sharp attention to the quality of our work and services, perfectionism is our only acceptable standard.

For this, we form partnerships with the best companies. Always looking forward, we are committed to fostering and developing successful business relationships, with other market-leaders worldwide.

Our business model enables us to offer our clients a holistic approach – a wide range of complete solutions that exceed their demands, suit their various tastes, fulfil their needs with respects to products, services, advice and financial matters.