More than just a tile!

Tiles are usually thought of as the foundation for a wall or floor and most people really only use tile for those two applications. It is also very common to see tile used as an artistic accent or a beautiful back-splash. Porcelanosa Gruppo would like to share their out of the box uses for tile, as a source of inspiration for your next home design project. These ideas will make you think of tile as more than just a functional choice.

Tile as a Headboard

In the bedroom, most think of a headboard as an upholstered add-on to the bed frame. The concept of a headboard can also work nicely as more of an abstract feature, in the form of tiling the wall adjacent to the bed. It offers a striking floor-to-ceiling focal point and is an easy way to add drama to your bedroom.


Tile as a Headboard – Houston Natural

Tile as an Accent Rug/Carpeting

Seamlessly integrating patterned tile with flooring can mimic the look of carpeting or an accent rug. This works especially well with patterned tiles laid as the “carpet”, surrounded by a neutral colored tile.


Tile as an Accent Rug/Carpeting – Antique Acero: Ascot Teca

Tile as a Fireplace

Fireplaces are more than just a functional element. They can become the highlight of a room with some simple tile work.


Tile as a Fireplace – Technic Line Dark