Advantages of using large format tiles

Large-format tiles are growing in popularity and this can be attributed to the many advantages of using large format tiles rather than a more common-sized tile. Among the advantages of using large format tiles, the most common is the aesthetically pleasing and open look that they can give to any residential or commercial applications as well as the easier maintenance resulting from fewer grout joints. Using large format tiles can also add a dramatic effect to a wall or floor with the many variations of patterns that can be created.

What is a large format tile?

Large format tiles are wall or floor tiles that exceed the average 12×12 sized tile. These tiles are available in square or rectangular shapes and can be as large as 40×120.

Porcelanosa large format tiles offer versatility making them suitable for a wide array of applications, from bathroom walls or back-splashes, to elevators and the range of The XLight thin porcelain tiles have redefined the industry’s understanding of porcelain tiles, opening up new horizons and ensuring endless benefits with the guarantee and quality assurance of the Porcelanosa Group.


Porcelanosa – floor – Basic Dark Nature measuring 40”x 120”


Porcelanosa – Concrete Beige Nature measuring 40”x 120”


Porcelanosa – Nox Corten Nature measuring 40”x 120”