Expertise in wood since 1866. Some things change with time: the brickyard and sawmill founded by Franz Paul Hamberger in Rosenheim, Bavaria, in 1866 have grown from a small family business to Germany’s leading parquet manufacturer. Some things never change: after more than 150 years Hamberger is still a true family business.


It is managed by the company owners in the fourth and fifth generations. This synthesis of tradition and innovation is also reflected in the HARO brand-name Parquet. At Hamberger, high-quality wood from sustainably managed forests is refined with modern manufacturing processes and innovative technologies to a flooring that upgrades every room and turns your house into a home. The Haro product portfolio stretches from Parquet, laminate and cork floors.

Haro have once again made an impressive breakthrough with the new “HARO TRITTY Silent CT” Laminate Floor. Compared with floating laminate floors with standard insulation, HARO TRITTY Silent CT provides a room sound reduction of more than 60%** and is therefore currently the quietest laminate floor around.

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