105 years of history. Partnerships with more than 200 architects and designers from around the world. A presence in over 100 countries. 340,000 square metres of processed leather, 22,000 kilos of horsehair and 1,100,000 kilos of beech wood used each year.


Founded in 1912, Poltrona Frau has given over a century of life and culture to leather, the brand’s chosen material. A leader in top-end Made in Italy furniture and an ambassador of Italian excellence around the world, Poltrona Frau is now part of the Haworth Group, the leading American office furniture holding company, yet has stayed true to its identity and values.

Today as yesterday, Poltrona Frau stands out for its savoir-faire, the intelligence of its hands. Thought and passion. Ingenuity and imagination. Project design, manual expertise and architectural rigour. A legacy of knowledge whose cornerstone is leather. Thanks to the most expert of processes, an elegant and impeccable material that is used to ‘dress’ Poltrona Frau’s historic and contemporary icons.

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