Trane are the industry leaders in the manufacturing of heating, ventilating and air-conditioner. It’s hard to stop a Trane!

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Trane Preventive Service

Under our Scheduled Agreement offering, factory authorized service technicians to perform the periodic maintenance needed to keep your systems running at their best, so you no longer have to plan, schedule or manage routine maintenance. We’re fully trained to perform maintenance on Trane HVAC equipment and other brands you may have in
your building.

With a Scheduled Agreement from Trane, your building systems are maintained by our knowledgeable service technicians using proprietary Six Sigma maintenance procedures to deliver the highest level of quality.

Because all our maintenance activities are delivered in a planned manner, Scheduled Agreements with our service technicians provide a lower cost alternative to the ad hoc service calls you may be paying for today.

Take control of your building system maintenance; contact Ray Satariano, your local Trane office today.

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