Noken Bathroom Finishes

Noken by Porcelanosa Group Introduces New Bathroom Finishes & Styles

The latest trends include the most elegant colours and the creation of a universe around water and its benefits, through therapies that enhance the senses. More practical and aesthetic designs, the main qualities that Noken has wanted to convey in its collections.


Today’s interior design focuses on the simplicity of lines and the functionality of design. Noken has created Lounge Espiga, with the aim of bringing together the warm minimalism it offers through symmetrical interplay and geometric elegance. On the other hand, a new and more versatile furniture option with support and high spout taps, Forma, adds a twist to the concept of tidiness with a unique design and openings in the middle and sides.
Noken Energy, Seasons and the Touch & Feel column are the latest wellness products, which incorporate experiences that go beyond personal care and hygiene. The Seasons rain showers bring together multiple benefits thanks to their rain, waterfall, jet and mist functions, inspired by natural phenomena. Together with Noken Energy, they envelop you in a soft, pleasant, fresh and revitalising shower. Technological innovation and user safety led to the development of the Touch&Feel column, with the Noken Safe Stop system, with its 38ºC water block to prevent burns.

The minimalism extends to the Unseen shower trays, with concealed drain and anti-slip slate texture with antibacterial properties, available in three finishes.
The aesthetic of the Finish Studio and Lignage collections goes further with the new finishes. Essence C Compact bathroom fixtures can be finished in several colours, with endless potential for combinations. The marble handle takes us back to the twenties, where marble contrasts with the simplicity of the tap’s shapes.

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